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Idea #4:

A mechanism must be created to streamline the system and remove bloat - allowing users and briefers to downvote and remove nuisance notams. I'm not gonna lie: I'm a 13,000 hour ATP, and I have avoided looking up NOTAMS for years. It's a waste of time unless you have paid dispatchers to find you the relevant ones amid all the CYA B.S. and jargon.

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One Comment

  • Stefan says:

    Hmm… when people would downvote, what would happen? Let’s say people downvote obstacle notams, because they don’t find them relevant to them… Would it mean the notam gets deleted? Or put lower on a priority list? Or would it be sent back for review?
    Up/downvoting with a thumbs up or down button might make people use it the same way as how they use facebook. They like or dislike. But that’s not the purpose of notams. You might not like them or find them relevant, but they might still be incredibly relevant to somebody else.
    Instead, perhaps a “report” button would make more sense, where you can submit the notam for review when you think it is either incorrect or not relevant anymore, or any other reason why you want somebody to look at it.
    But simple upvote or downvote… I’m not sure that would help the community.

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