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Idea #5:

Get rid of the multitude of "Enroute / Chart change NOTAMS". There are far too many to digest, especially on a long haul flight. Airway changes, intersection changes, etc. are all things that should be dealt with in the AIRAC cycle and already be in my Nav Database.

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  • Stefan says:

    Couldn’t agree more! 🙂

  • Andreas says:

    there are two sides of a coin.
    Publishing new airways an intersections per NOTAM might be necessary in case of crisis situations like the closure of areas, just think about Pakistan closure…
    If you stick to AIRAC procedures you’ll not be able to operate in the area till the next cycle.
    But I fully agree that corrections to previous publications, in fact the genuine meaning of NOTAM, should be kept to a minimum.

  • Renaud says:

    These days, we are more and more flying from point to point, either by ATC or FCM asking directs in order to optimize flights.
    I can get the point of these routes in case of communication failure and/or route planning, but on daily basis we use tools which could integrate this database in real time basis. Why creating extra work and spending all these resources for a service which is no more used by FCM during productive work?

  • Fernando says:

    Exactly, anyway nobody reads them…

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