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Idea #3:

Crane info should be distributed to ONLY performance responsible companies and not published to all users. Thank you for the initiative!!!:)

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  • Fernando says:

    Might we take into account there are some tactical operators who are also responsible for their own performance calculations and that there are no commercial performance vendors with all aircraft types in DBs? And, Should there be a kind of “performance” notams channel?

    • Stefan says:

      That sounds like a interesting one, a “performance” notams channel! Categories have been mentioned a lot before – perhaps we should have an “obstacle” category? That way you can just filter out the obstacles if you are not interested in reading them 🙂

  • Ben Ippolito says:

    Sometimes crane info is important, but what about if it was offered in a pictorial format by each airport? Every crane NOTAM would disappear for each airport would go and be replaced by a single diagram with the crane location plotted and its height AGL noted. If you wanted you could get real fancy like and use colour codes like topography. That way it would be very easy for pilots to quickly and easily assimilate the information and see any critical obstacles, whilst performance engineers would have the information they need to adjust the Takeoff and Landing Data.

    Pilots are good at reading maps. They know the approach and departure paths they will use so they can scan a map very quickly! It’s 2019, we can do pictures and colours!

    • Ben Ippolito says:

      To be clear I mean ONE diagram for each airport with ALL the relevant cranes on it. Not one diagram per crane! That’d just be a new variant of the same problem!

      • Mark Zee says:

        Ben, I like this idea a lot – another example, for sure, of something best shown graphically.

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