Sign the petition: Fix NOTAMs

Aviation prides itself on safety. There is a glaring gap. Every day, every airline flight in the world: Pilots are forced to use a broken, archaic briefing system from the…
November 2, 2019

We are drowning in the data, but missing the message.

Mark Zee

Ideas: How do we Fix Notams?

Well, here's an idea: How about we - as Pilots and Dispatchers - work on solving the problem, instead of waiting for someone else to fix it? That's the core…
November 1, 2019

Press: Notams in the Media

Featured Interview  In this extensive interview, Mark Zee discusses the Notam Problem, and the Notam Team (, with David Esler, Commercial & Business Aviation magazine, along with views on the…
November 1, 2019

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