To take part in the NOTAM SPRINT 2023, please register below!

The sprint will kick off on Monday, May 8th and will run for five days through to May 12th.

  • Read about the NOTAM SPRINT in detail. Our big goal is to create a framework to take a given set of NOTAMs, apply tags, and create a ruleset to sort and filter them. We’ll also design a briefing package, and build a protype to do all this automatically.
  • Register to take part, and then join/help where you can – no obligation to show up every day!
  • There will be a Zoom call each day (optional)
  • Daily Discussion via private Slack group
  • Each evening we will send out a summary of the days work for review

The NOTAM SPRINT is for Airlines, Aircraft operators, Pilots, Dispatchers, and anyone interest in fixing NOTAMs! For any questions, email us at


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